The report provides two scenarios for remanufacturing/reuse of machine tools and assembly equipment for Brazil in 2020. These scenarios have been jointly created with stakeholders of the remanufacturing/reuse market including representatives from the Brazilian Ministry of  Environment, manufacturers, machine tool providers, associations for remanufacturing and industry, universities as well as suppliers. To read more about the methodology used to create these scenarios and recommended actions for stakeholders of the remanufacturing market, click here.

Scenario 1: "Remanufacturing – a paradigm change for sustainable manufacturing”
Scenario 2: "Remanufactoring - still only a hidden giant"
  • Government will promote remanufacturing activities by releasing sectorial rules, as well as promoting sustainable development in terms of public advertisement;

  • In terms of laws, sustainable development, qualification and demand no changes occur;
  • OEMs focus their product development towards PSS, remanufacture their products and executing all relating value-adding processes by themselves;
  • OEMs are still at least to some extend active in the remanufacturing market. Thereby, they usually contract a remanufacturer in order to remanufacture the products on their behalf;

  • Associations for remanufacturing/machine tools and assembly equipment have a high impact on decision-making;
  • Associations for remanufacturing/machine tools and assembly equipment are also active within this scenario, however, they have not the same impact compared to scenario 1

  • The demand for remanufactured products has increased;
  •  The qualification related to remanufacturing becomes publicly available.




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