You will find below selected information describing elements needed for a successful implementation of remanufacturing. Please click on one of the links to select the category you are interested in for further information.





Do you know what is remanufcturing and the difference between this end-of-life strategy and others, like reuse?  To see the answer for this question and further basic concepts about remanufacturing, click here.


One important aspect that influences remanufacturing is the legislation within and across countries. Here are presented the main laws of Europe and Brazil that should be considered if you want to provide remanufacuring products and services.








"Is remanufacturing really possible?" Yes, it is. And here we show two cases to inspire you to start a new remanufacturing business.

One important aspect of reaching a successful remanufacturing business is to consider remanufacturing characteristics during product development, which is one of the relevant processes of a remanufacturing value chain.


How will be the future of remanufacturing in Brazil? Here we present you a report providing two scenarios for remanufacturing / reuse of machine tools and assembly equipment for Brazil in 2020.
What you need to overcome to be successful in the business of remanufacturing? Here's a list of the main barriers to remanufacturing.




The networks of 76 companies have been descibed and classified into 11 types. Click here to discover the results of this survey.

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