Remarks on this template:

  1. This template is supposed to be used together with the guidelines.

  1. This template is designed to support in the following cases:

    1. Creation of a new business model for remanufacturing

    2. Improvement of an existing remanufacturing business model

    3. Adaption of a business model though inclusion of remanufacturing

Therefore, all sections are named with “check” in case you want to assess or improve your existing business model and with “define” in case you want to create a new business model. Please keep this in mind while using the template and guidelines. It means you can either use/check information of your business or define a new one.

  1. Most of the inputs you can define or find out in your organization. The outputs may result from the application of the tools suggested in the guideline or you might define them in a different way. We indicate fields in this template, where you can include relevant inputs / outputs. In the fields you can include free information or you can select one or more options which are already pre-defined in the guidelines.

Contact for Germany

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Contact for Brazil

Universidade de Sao Paulo
Escola de Engenharia de São Carlos
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São Carlos - SP/Brasil, CEP 13566-590
Ana Paula Barquet: anabarquet[at]